buildingAnchor Business Advisors is strategically positioned in the Perimeter Business District of Atlanta, Georgia. Our offices are located in the northern part of the city at 1200 Abernathy Road, 600 Northpark Town Center, Suite 1700, Atlanta, Georgia 30328.

Each principal has served in significant senior executive positions throughout their business career. In many cases, our diverse business experience has been required to help solve complex financial and/or operational issues in order to bring about an orderly close.

Over the past several years, Anchor Business Advisors has focused on companies in the manufacturing, services, distribution, education, construction and medical related fields. The typical transaction size for the Company ranges from $1,000,000 to $50,000,000 with an accompanying revenue base of between $2,000,000 and $80,000.000. We have enjoyed a remarkable success rate in achieving our clients’ objectives because of our commitment to excellence and our comprehensive and organized approach in the marketplace.

Services Offered by Anchor Business Advisors:

With the President’s extensive background in senior management and corporate finance, the company offers a host of services in this arena. They include the following:

  • Sale of Business interests through an asset or stock sale or a tax free merger.
  • Re-capitalization of a Company permitting the owner to “cash out” a significant portion of his equity while concurrently retaining a strategic interest in the Company.
  • Determination of the value for the Company based upon current market multiples and comparable transactions. We do not charge for this service and view it as an integral element of our value package. We also utilize several accredited independent appraisers that serve the largest lenders in the market to corroborate our findings if so desired or to serve alternative purposes such as estate tax planning or a valuation to accomplish a divorce or a necessary separation of partnership interests.
  • Raising additional capital in the form of debt (SBA or conventional), mezzanine financing and/or equity infusions.
  • Consulting Services including strategic planning, corporate repositioning, debt  restructuring, cash flow forecasting and profit maximization programs.
  • Targeted Searches for buyers utilizing predefined parameters.